Honda Power Generators – How Big Do You Need?

A common question that people have when buying gas generators like Honda Deluxe Generators is how big it should be to run their equipment or appliances.

Honda generators come in a variety of sizes and capabilities to serve different needs.

When choosing yours, make sure it is a model that gives you more than the power you anticipate needing, but not so much that you are overpowered.

Determine Wattages Needed

To choose the right Honda power generator, start out by figuring out how much power you anticipate needing.

Whether purchasing a generator as an emergency source of power for a home or to run other power equipment, which one works for you will depend on two things: running wattage and starting wattage.

Running wattage is how much energy is required to keep all devices running; starting wattage is how much energy is required to surge to get those devices started in the first place.

Determine the Running Wattage Figure

Add up the running wattage for all the critical appliances or equipment you would like to run and note the starting wattage.

For example, a refrigerator might require 700 running watts and 2000 starting watts while an electric furnace might require 1000 running watts to keep the fan going and 2500 starting watts.

If you don’t know the exact starting wattage, just estimate with a figure that is the running wattage x 3.

Determine the Starting Wattage Figure

Add up all the running wattage of the appliances or power equipment you want to run and then separately, all the starting wattage.

The Honda Deluxe generator you choose must have a running wattage capacity that is more than the total of all your devices and also a higher starting wattage of all your devices.

The more electrical devices you wish to run at the same time, the higher your Honda generator’s capacity must be.

Where starting wattage is concerned, you have a little leeway in that if appliances and devices are started up individually, your generator’s starting wattage capacity does not have to be as high as if all the devices were starting up at once.

Find The Right Honda Power Generator

Getting the perfect Honda power generator for your needs depends on what you plan to do with it, some creative configuring, and a little estimation.

The best choice is always a power generator that has more than enough running and starting power, but that size generator may not be practical for other reasons.

In these cases, come up with the best wattage estimation based on your ability to turn devices on separately without overloading based on starting wattage capacity and you will have more flexibility.