Looking at Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Agricultural irrigation systems are essential for farmer and ranchers wanting to grow their crops

Agricultural irrigation systems can assist farmers and ranchers by monitoring and controlling field valves, water meters, pumps, sensors, and fertilizers.

It comes with an easy to use system that can be centralized to remote management and control; however, irrigation is important to the production of crops.

Benefits of Irrigation

Irrigation is the process of applying amounts of water to land.

Several benefits of irrigation include:

  • Maintaining landscapes.
  • Growing crops.
  • Preventing soil consolidation.
  • Frost protection.

This article will discuss what are center pivot irrigation systems, how they work, and the benefits of center pivot irrigation systems.

What Are Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

A center pivot irrigation system is a type of crop irrigation.

In center pivot irrigation, equipment revolves around a pivot as crops are watered and the crops are watered with sprinklers.

The way that the equipment rotates around a pivot creates circular patterns.

Center pivot irrigation systems consist of many types of parts that include the:

  • Pivot point
  • Control panel
  • Drive unit
  • Span
  • Tower box
  • Regular drive unit.

A pivot point inside center pivot irrigation systems are the point where the pivot moves.

In a pivot point, the water goes into the pivot pipes.

The control panel in center pivot irrigation systems tells what the center pivot systems should do via commands.

The panel controls the starting, changing directions, stopping, running wet, and running dry and other commands.

The control panel can be used manually where the capabilities are basic or can be turned into digital panels.

Digital panels are panels that can be programmed.

How Do Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Work

Center pivot irrigation systems work by moving in a circular motion around a central pivot point.

The majority of center pivot irrigation systems are powered by electricity.

The pivots in center pivot irrigation systems uses between 120 and 480 volts of alternating current.

The 120 volt of current is used for operating the safety circuit, forward movements, and the reverse movements.

It also operates the movements of the Last Regular Drive Unit.

The 480 volts of current operates the power for the drive units movements.

Benefits Of Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Center pivot irrigation systems have many benefits.

They require zero labor by humans, the systems are able to use water very efficiently, and it can also control water applications of applied water inside.