Summer Day Camps – A Benefit for Some Shy Kids

As the end of the school term approaches, summer camps are on the horizon for many families.

While many more outgoing kids look forward to the socialization and activity of summer day camps, other shier kids may feel a little anxious at the idea, especially if they are first-timers.

How Can Summer Camps Help Kids Who Are Shy?

Summer youth camps are not for every child, but the good news is that approached the right way, even quieter, shier children can enjoy themselves and reap the many benefits that these camps offer.

These tips can help!

  1. Know The Child Well – As silly as this may sound, for kids who are a bit shier to have the best experience at a summer day cam,p their parents must know them well enough to view things from their point of view. Know what ideas and activities create interest as well as excitement and the degree of stimulation the child can withstand without becoming over-stressed.
  2. Choose the Right Summer Camp – Slower-paced environments with fewer kids and less boisterous activities might be the perfect choice for one shy kid, while a summer camp focused on team sports and other noisy activities might be it for another. Choosing the right camp goes along with knowing the child well but also involves talking to the counselors and agreeing with their approach on how they keep the quieter, shier kids involved.
  3. Talk About It Beforehand – Being encouraging is one thing, but forcing a shy child to go to summer youth camp is something completely different. Prepare the child ahead of time by first discussing it and talking about the concerns they may have and finding solutions to them. Visit the camp ahead of time to try to ease those concerns and create a bit of familiarity so the first day at summer camp is not a shock.
  4. Bring A Friend – Although one of the main benefits that kids gain by attending summer day camps is making new friends, sometimes going with an existing friend can help. See if there is a way to arrange for the shy child to go to the same summer camp as an existing friend to help with their confidence with this new thing. Chances are, with good counselors and a relaxed environment, both children will quickly become a part of the group and make new friends.
  5. Be Empathetic – Be understanding of the worry or discomfort a shy child might feel at first when acclimating to the summer youth camp environment. Be supportive while encouraging them to stick with it for a few days at least, but be empathetic enough to know when it is not going to work out, too.

Summer Day Camps Can Be Fun!

Summer day camps can be wonderful experiences for all kids, even the very shy ones.

With the right approach, shier, socially awkward children can gave a great time coming out of their shells at a local summer camp and have an exciting summer!