What Exactly Do You Know About Sprinkler Irrigation?

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You are tired of depending on rain to water your crops as well as all the various other purposes on your farm or ranch and now you want to find another suitable method, perhaps farm irrigation systems.

Well, there are quite a number – it just depends on the level of your activities.

Sprinkler irrigation is one method that will suit your needs perfectly.

What Is Sprinkler Irrigation?

Sprinkler irrigation is the method of spraying water that is distributed through pipes using sprinklers that spray water onto the ground.

The sprinkler irrigation system method entails a system of pipes and a pump that provides the pressure needed to push the water out into the air.

This article will not only go into detail about sprinkler irrigation systems but offer you the essential information required.

What to Know Before Using Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

There are many factors you need to know to select the right sprinkler irrigation system for your farm.

  • Landscape – You have to understand the landscape of your farm or ranch, i.e. the slope of your ranch. This is important for proper setting of irrigation pipes on the ground. It is advisable to lay the pipes along the farm contour to minimize pressure changes and thus provide uniform irrigation.
  • Soil Type – Your farm’s soil type is important. If your farm has the type of soil that forms crusts easily, then you should reconsider the method of watering althoughsprinkler irrigation is adaptable to most soil types.
  • Sprinkler System Size – If you are using the system to water your crops especially delicate crops, you should avoid large sprinklers that produce large water droplets that could damage them.
  • Type of Water – Another important factor is the type of water you will use for this system. Clean water should be used to avoid blocking the sprinkler nozzles.

What Are The Parts of A Sprinkler Irrigation System?

Your sprinkler irrigation system is composed of the:

  • Pump system.
  • Pipe system (main line and the laterals).
  • Sprinklers.

The pump system will pump water from your storage tank located on your farm or ranch to the receiving pipes, the main line.

Finally the laterals will direct water from the main lines to the sprinklers.

Putting It All Together

Finally, irrigation systems entail a lot, requiring basic knowledge of setting it up, the uses, the wetting patterns, application rates, the sprinkler drop sizes, and probably the types of sprinklers.

If you need help determining which ag irrigation is right for your needs, your local farm irrigation system services are available to help you make the right choices!